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How do I get my learners permit?


To get your learner license youā€™ll need to go to your local DPS office.


A learner license costs $16, this fee is paid to the DPS not You can pay with a money order, cash, credit, or check.

What To Bring

  • DE-964 Learner License CertificateĀ (Printed in Color)
  • The person who is your officially designated instructor (they need to physically come with you)
  • Your Parent/Legal Guardian (they need to physically come with you)
    • This is most likely the same person as your designated instructor
  • Proof of PTDE Program Guide Packet Purchase
    • The first page of your PTDE Program Guide Packet.
    • If you canā€™t find the packet or lost the receipt go to theĀ TDLR websiteĀ to find it again. If you still canā€™t get it to work you need to call the TDLR at 800-803-9202.
  • Parent Taught Instructor Designation Form
    • This form is only required if your parent/legal guardian is not the instructor!
  • Application for an Original Texas Driver License (DL-14A)
    • Do not sign until at the DPS and instructed to do so!
  • Proof of Texas residency
  • Proof of identity and lawful US presence
    • US Passport, or US certificate of citizenship (full list)
    • OR
    • Birth certificateĀ ANDĀ Social Security CardĀ ANDĀ Report Card/Immunization Record/School ID
  • Social Security CardĀ 
    • Originals only, no copies allowed
  • Verification of Enrollment (VOE)
  • $16 Learner License Fee
  • If the DPS says you need another form (for example, forms DL-90A, DL-90B, or Classroom Instruction Log DL-91A), please emailĀ TPSTprogram@dps.texas.govĀ with the full name of your child, the DPS location and the issue you are having. These forms have been phased out. Please note: We cannot resolve issues with your local DPS office.

After you get your Learner License

  • Once you get your Learner License from the DPS you can begin your 14 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. Use the Driving Manager resource to help guide you and your instructor.
    • This course is structured as ā€˜concurrentā€™ which means that you can be working on your behind-the-wheel hours as you complete the lessons.

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