's Commitment to Accessibility

Driving is For Everybody is deeply committed to creating an inclusive, accessible online environment where every learner, including those with disabilities, can gain the skills and knowledge to succeed on the road. Our mission extends beyond adherence to standards; we strive to provide a seamless, empowering experience for all students. Below are some of the ways we empower all our students.

WCAG Support supports WCAG 2.1 Level AA, including screen readers, keyboard navigation, visible focus indicators, and more. Follow our journey as we work toward the best learning experience for everyone.

Screen Reader Support

Our course works with our supported browsers’ latest NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, and TalkBack versions.

Please note that there is not a built-in reader; you will need to use a reader mentioned above.

Easy Keyboard Navigation Guide

Moving Around with Tab

  • Tab Key: Simply press Tab to move forward to the next clickable thing on the page. If you want to go back, Shift + Tab does the trick by taking you to the previous item.

    Example: To browse through lesson titles in the sidebar, hit Tab to go forward. Missed one? Shift+Tab will take you back.

Navigating with Arrows

  • Arrow Keys: These let you scroll, click on media, and go through different parts of a lesson or quiz.

    Example: Use the Up and Down arrows to choose answers in a quiz. The Left and Right arrows help you move through lesson steps or control video playback.

Selecting with Enter and Spacebar

  • Enter/Spacebar: Press Enter to select something, just like clicking a mouse. The spacebar works for making selections in quizzes or for playing and pausing videos.

    Example: Hit Enter to click a button or link. Use the spacebar to pick a quiz answer or control your media.

Quick Exit with Esc

  • Esc Key: Press Esc to quickly get out of full-screen videos, deselect quiz answers, or close open images.

Reduced Motion

When a student has reduce motion or remove animation settings enabled on their device, navigation animations do not process.

This functionality was made to work towards the WCAG criteria: Animation from Interactions (Level AAA) 2.3.3.

We Want To Improve

Have a request? Is a feature not working properly? Email us at; we are committed to improving accessibility options.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. You are eligible for a full refund if your purchase was within the last 30 days and you haven’t earned any certificates.